Why Ecological

We prioritise, through Design, the way in which buildings can positively interact with the cycles and flows that make up our planet's eco-system, and the power of the sun that is the source of all life.

Our intention is to reduce the air pollution in the form of carbon emissions that buildings produce from:
An ecological approach to architecture and building considers, from a technical point of view:

Waste materials from construction sites is the largest waste stream going to landfill from any one sector in the UK. Much of this material will not degrade. The waste from many of the materials we use can be composted on site. We also design for future demolition or renovation. Called Design for Deconstruction it eases the repair,  future recycling an re-use of buildings.

We do not use materials that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and humidity is controlled by the use of permable construction techniques and the use of hygroscopic interior materials like clay plaster. These actions improve and stabilise interior air quality. 

More about these topics can be found on the SEDA web site under Links.

Symbiosis and Diversity are key words in the science of ecology and therefore  it is unsurprising that ecological architecture is, from a social point of view:
Finally our buildings CELEBRATE and SUPPORT a path towards:

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Aug 18, 2017

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